Edify KMS is a fully customizable learning management system with a built in, expandable content autoring platform.

Features Overview:

Edify KMS was built to support multi-campus branding, custom interaction development and custom measurement reporting.

Cloud Hosted LMS

Edify KMS is our proprietary custom learning mananagement and content authoring system. It was designed to be fully custimizable to your brand and needs.

  • Cloud hosted and ready to deploy
  • Create your own content and deliver it instantly.
  • Create your own custom themes and branding or have us do it.
  • Create your own games & interactions or have us do it.
  • Advanced customizable measurement & reporting.

e-Authoring Platform

Create and edit your own content, organize it and re-use it as you see fit.

Create programs units and interactive screens instantly then deploy them when ready.

With our built in templates you simply add a screen, choose a template and start editing.

Custom Interaction Development

If your looking for interactivity or games that don't exist in our pre-built templates, simply create and upload your own.

With a JSON based config file and a little bit of JavaScript you can build fully interactive page types with content editors that are automatically added to your authoring suite.

If your have in-house developers or would like to develop interactives modules yourself, check out our documentation to get started.

CUSTOM Theme/UI Design

Edify KMS was designed to be customized for multiple user groups. Both the content players and portal can have a fully customized look and feel based on the users login.

We call these different user groups campuses and each campus can appear completely different from login, to admninistration, to e-learning interface, to student access.

For e-learning vendors these campuses could represent clients, for organizations these could be departments or branches.

You can create custom themes and upload them using pure css and images.

Content Exporting

If your organization or your clients have an LMS you want to stick with you can still do all of your custom development and collaboration using Edify KMS and then export your content.

You can export your e-learning modules as web packages, SCORM packages or AICC packages. Whichever you require

Custom Measurement

Edify KMS incorporates a custom measurement system that reports deeper than the complete/incomplete, pass/fail statistics maintained by traditional learning management systems

With our custom measures system you can attach specific weighted measurements and measurement categories to not only exams, quizes or modules but screen interactions and even clicks.

You can then view and filter reports based on category and measure by campus, user, group, date range, content category and more to generate meaningful visual reports.