Edify KMS allows you to create unlimited, fully branded campuses where specific users and content can be managed independently.

Campuses Overview:

One of the unique features of Edify KMS is the ability to create fully branded campuses. A campus could be a school, a client if you're an e-learning vendor, a department in your organization or a branch of your company.

Both the portal and content players can be individually themed to each campus. Each campus can also has it's own content and users which you can manage from the campus admin area.

CAMPUS Themes/UI Design

You can select or create unique themes for each campus that are fully branded.

When users who assigned to a particular campus login they see only the themes, content and users belonging to that campus.

Users have no knowledge of the existance of campuses they are not assigned to.

CAMPUS Content

Content is also unique to each campus. You can create, update and deploy content independnt from other campuses.

You also have the ability to copy entire modules from one campus, add them to another campus and update them as required.

CAMPUS Measurement

Campus reporting, measurement and measurement categories are also unique to each campus so you can view reports on performance at the campus level.


Each campus has its own user management system so users belonging to a particular campus can only see the themes, users, groups and content from that campus.

Users can be assigned to more than one campus by administartors if required.